Retired athletes – What to do after all the crowds have all gone and the TV crews packed away their kit?

As an athlete, you have tremendous inner strength, desire and focus. Personal qualities that set you apart from the vast majority of the rest of the population. This means any kind of low level job will actually be very hard work for you.

But the standard corporate speaker circuit is overloaded and what they want are WINNERS, MEDALISTS and CHAMPIONS. In business – just like in sport – competition is fierce…

Suppose you came 9th or lost in the playoffs? Maybe the speaker bureaus or agencies didn’t want you on their books? Maybe you are just aiming lower ?

Is your message still valuable? Yes...
Can you still set up and run a successful online business? Yes…
Does this prevent you from setting up and running a successful online business? No

We can help you get the maximum benefits out of THREE things…

ONE – Your name

Together – we can figure out WHO EXACTLY will pay money to listen to you, watch you, learn from you.

TWO – Your life experiences

If you competed to a reasonable level – you will have many stories and lessons you learned along the way. We will help you package them in a coherent message that people will pay for.

THREE – Your message

We can help you package your message in bottled format that you can sell for real money at live events, shows and speaking gigs. (When we say bottled – we mean via books, ecourses and other saleable material…)

Can we do this overnight ? NO – As you know – it takes a LONG TIME to perfect something to the level which it is world class.

Firstly – we would look to place you in a dedicated underminers group where we can figure out collectively, the best route for you to take.

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