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The activity illusion – Ian Price

The activity illusion came onto my radar earlier in the summer in the Chartered Management Institute magazine. There are a lot of “airport manager” type books in the summer months. The kind of light reading that [...]

Click – Bill Tancer

Click – Bill Tancer

Click – Bill Tancer I picked this up at one of those bookstores which always seems to be full of books that no one would ever want but you get seem to get in and out [...]

Freedom from Command & control – John Seddon

Freedom from command and control has been around now for a few years but as part of a project only recently, it crossed our desk and we read it. John Seddon is a vocal critic of [...]

Running training like a business

It’s a while since we read this book, and we have never blogged about it. The book is a few years old but still holds some very valid points. We will post a review but several [...]

Developing and measuring training the six sigma way

Developing and measuring training the six sigma way – Kaliym Islam Stumbling on a post in the blog, we decided to give this book a try. We have looked at some lean techniques in the [...]

Book review – Management Mumbo Jumbo

Before we start, I should say that I am into irony (not ironing) but irony, and so as a result this book appealed to me as one which could lift the lid on all the trendy [...]

Book review Training International Managers – Melkman & Trotman

The notion that the world is getting smaller – always using fast web connections, different technologies being flung together and today s novelty being tomorrow s standard – is the background to this useful book by [...]

Secrets of the people whisperer – Perry Wood

Secrets of the people whisperer is subtitled use the art of communication to enhance your own life and the lives of others I initially feared that this would be one of those books where all you [...]

Book review – HR Guide to workplace fraud

This is an intimidating and meaty looking volume with a rather austere looking grey and brown cover. However, appearances can be deceptive. It provides a useful guide for the busy manager to combat workplace fraud and [...]

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