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Why your customer service needs to be more like Delboy

For any non UK readers or those in the UK living in another world in the last 20 years, “Only fools and horses” was a massively popular BBC TV comedy program. Two brothers Del – “Delboy” [...]

Good customer Service

Good customer service can be very hard to find these days. In the 21st century climate of automation, standardisation and one size fits all, everyone is keen to get the sale and make it easy for [...]

Young, dumb and living off mum

Young, dumb and living off mum was on TV last night when I came back from running. I have no idea why. (Why it was on, not why I went running…). Maybe it followed the seemingly [...]

Builders Tea & twitter

A couple of weeks ago, I got talking with a friend of mine in the USA on twitter. The conversation was about tea bags not been readily available in the US. (Most people I talk to [...]

how to write a customer focused letter

A couple of days ago, I ranted about a letter I received from Abbey/Santander. I have calmed down a little now but I still rewrite the letter below for your information. (My good friend, Simon Roskrow [...]

Writing customer focused letters

Quite often when we are writing training courses, we often think “People should know this..” But quite often, they don’t – so we have to tell them. Like the person who was having a facebook fanpage [...]

Writing a reply to a complaint letter

Writing a response to a complaint letter is difficult. As soon as you say “sorry” – you accept liability. If you aren’t remorseful enough – you will risk annoying the original author even more. Here is [...]

Free sample complaint letter

Writing a complaint letter is VERY and I mean VERY hard. When you have something to complain about, you are at you most vulnerable. Your friends or family have most likely been injured or wronged somehow. [...]

The TV election debate – The drug of the nation?

OK – so did you watch it? The prime ministerial election debate? As the disposable heroes of hiphopracy famously rapped to open u2′s ZOO TV tour “Television, the drug of the nation, breeding ignorance and feeding [...]

Why readability is crucial for your business

When we talk about readability, peoples eyes tend to glaze over and think we are going to talk about “school meals operatives” and “vehicle access approval officers” instead of old fashioned “Dinner Ladies” and “traffic wardens” [...]

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