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WordPress training – to get your new site up with no fuss!

If you are a new or startup business, one of the first things you will think about is a website.

There are not many business types who do not need a website. Either your market is so specialised and/or niche and you have so few competitors that you don’t need to worry.

And here’s where the trouble starts

People these days have consumer level expectations. The rise of the internet means a level playing field. It means little guys can compete with big guys.


The internet also means ever shortening attention span. You must get your message over in just a few seconds. People just won’t wait around.

But you aren’t a designer?

It’s likely that you don’t know your DIV tags from your ALT tags. Let’s say you are starting a business because you just got made redundant from your last job.

You want to build a business brand based on your skills.

Learning new skills unrelated to your business is not likely to be on your agenda.

So what do you do ?

Every business networking group has an endless supply of web designers and developers. Most of them either charge a small fortune or just have their own ideas and ignore you. (Or worse both…)

Here is what you need

What if you could build your own site – without learning ANY code or scripts. Think of WordPress as a kind of push button site building system.

This wordpress training shows you how…

Your wordpress training package includes the following

We will walk you through ALL the steps required.

  • How to buy a domain 8 Mins 3 secs
    • The single most important decision you can make about your new business.
  • Installing wordpress 4 Mins 38 secs
    • How something that will (probably) be included in your domain package can be free and priceless at the same time.
  • Posts and page 2 Mins 12 secs
    • Huh? We show you difference and how to build a site that will bring google (and customers) back again and again.
  • Adding pages 12 Mins 00 secs
    • Adding static pages to your site is easy and we show you how to crank them out – all with the same design too…
  • Adding pictures 12 Mins 45 secs
    • A picture is worth a thousand words and we show you how to add, edit and align pictures

Total = 57 Mins 38 seconds of streaming video wordpress training available right after your payment is cleared.

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NOT High definition

Much video online these days is HD quality. This is not. This training course is NOT there for entertainment purposes. It is there to help you along as you build your site.

We want you to “follow along” – We will build a site right before your eyes. We want you to be stopping and starting the playhead so much that you will be wearing it out.

Video quality is NOT an issue. Getting your site online is. This course will help you do that.

Get the strategic picture

Downloadable 19 minute interview with Heather Townsend (The Efficiency Coach) on the strategic process of working out what you site is going to do BEFORE you head online and spend money.

So why should you buy from us ?

Your course tutor

chris photo Get your business online today

Chris Hodgson

Chris has been working in the software development industry for over 15 years, during which time he has gained experience in a wide range of industries including some major high street names in the retail sector such as OneTel, and Wren Kitchens.

Chris narrates how to set up wordpress and shares several secrets on best practice.

All this for JUST £37 (+ VAT) (£43.48)

Zero Risk 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

If there is any doubt in your mind let me make the following unconditional 100% money-back guarantee…

If you agree to watch the training from start to finish, take extensive notes where indicated, and you are unhappy in any way then…

…simply take a ticket on our helpdesk and within one working day your PayPal account or credit card (whichever you use to pay) will receive a 100% refund… (and UK tax if any applies.)

We want you to try this wordpress training programmewithout any risk.

Jonathan & the Sharp End Training Team

order Get your business online today

P.S. Even if you ask for a refund you can keep your access to the members area for the period of your membership.

P.P.S. I know you’ll be delighted with how this wordpress training programme —but I don’t expect you to take my word for it. This zero risk guarantee on this wordpress training is provided for your total peace of mind.

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