How to write a book

How YOU can write a book is a question that almost everyone (at least secretly) asks themselves at some stage in their life.

For a small business owner, consultant, coach, trainer, academic or aspiring Director or Chief Executive learning how to write a book is a necessity.


Being an author shows you as an expert your network and industry like nothing else can. Being a published author aligns you with leading thinkers in your industry.

While the technology exists for almost anyone with a web connection to publish an “ebook” – I can tell you the feeling of owning your own physical book is second to none.

But where to start?

Who hasn’t secretly started thinking how to write a book, started writing at page 1 and then lost interest or inclination at page 10 (or even before that?)

The truth is, is that it is different to that – much different.

It is actually very VERY hard work.

To help you out, I have narrated 64 minutes 24 seconds of what I did and how I did it when I wrote “Confessions of an Interim Manager” I should warn you that there are no slick graphics and flashy powerpoint in this course. I am not a professional or polished presenter so all you get is information.

No fluff or filler here.

There is no smoke and mirrors – just solid usable information.

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How to write a book

What does this package include?

This is SELF PACED and online.

This means that you can login and stop and start as often as you like. YOU are on control.

The training includes the following modules

In total, there are 8 slides totalling over 64 minutes of video tutorial including and this is what you will be watching.
Why write a book-the mindset you need to have.

The writing process- what I did and how I made it fit around my duties as a dad.

The editing process- The single most important rule you must follow to avoid getting in a mess.

Using word- How you can use a tool that you probably don’t even know you already have installed on your computer.

Outsourcing tasks – How you can get rid of the awkward jobs you hate. How to find people who will absolutely love you for giving them your worse jobs.

Which publisher- Who will handle all the publishing and customer queries and who did I chose? The answer may suprise you…
These videos are contained within a special dedicated learning platform.

You can stop and start the video as often as you want. Rewind and replay important sections.

I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you stop the training at regular intervals and take extension notes.

For just £47 – you can have the contents of my head – (what I did and the lessons I learnt when writing the book) instantly.

As soon as your payment is cleared, we will RUSH YOU your access details straight to your inbox.

You get unlimited access to this multimedia training for 30 days – log in as many times as you want.This training is protected in our dedicated membership platform.

The training is streamed directly to your computer – nothing to download. (You just need the flash player which is installed in 99.5% of computers).

Who is this course for?

This is course is for the business owner looking to be viewed as an expert in their chosen field.

Who wrote this “how to write a book training?

This course was written by Jonathan Senior – author of “Confessions of an Interim manager”

How can I make sure I don’t miss this?

You can pay with paypal (balance or fund transfer) or your normal credit card using our secure servers.

How is the course delivered?
Right after we receive and clear your payment, we will rush you log in details to our secure members area (these are sent via email so please check your spam folders).

This training course is built on sound principles. They have all been used by myself personally and the rest of the Sharp End Training team.

We can’t think of any reason why you can’t use these tactics.

BUT we still want to make this ZERO risk for you.

If you agree to

  • watch the training course all the way through to the end,
  • take notes as required and
  • think carefully about what you need to do

and you are in any way unhappy at ANY time during your membership – then just take a ticket at our helpdesk and I will personally make sure that your payment is refunded in full.

I can’t say fairer than that.

What’s more, you can still access the course until your membership expires.

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