Sell more through networking

Sell more through networking is a 3 webinar on demand training course.

If you are FED UP with going to business networking events and not seeing any sales – this is for you.

These three recorded webinars feature myself in conversation with Richard Baker, Head of Mentor Square. Mentor Square is a business masterminding group where business owners help each other. Richard networks a LOT in the north of England.

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These three installments include

Webinar 1 – 11 minutes 42 seconds

  • What networking is NOT.
  • Introducing yourself in a memorable way
  • Why the human body gives you a clue as to how to behave at a networking event.
  • The 3 4 things to say when your first meet someone.
  • Some simple exercises to try to improve your networking

Webinar 2 – 13 minutes 44 seconds

  • Review of your practice session
  • What it’s (really ) all about
  • What you NEED on your website/blog and what you NEED to get in your head.

Webinar 3 – 19 minutes 36 seconds

  • Putting it all together
  • The biggest risk to your networking
  • Your values and networking
  • The biggest mistake a small business owner can make after attending a networking event
  • A hidden secret to make sure you speak to as many people as possible.

These webinars are ON DEMAND recordings – You don’t have to show up at a certain time of the day or night. You can start/stop them and replay as often as you want. You do not need any special software to view these programs. If you can watch youtube, you can watch this.

These recordings are short and punchy. But don’t let that fool you. You will need to watch and re watch them to make sure you don’t miss anything. In fact, you will probably need to take notes as you go along.

Our guarantee

We can’t make people run to your business and stuff their money in your pockets. (If we could, we would charge a LOT more than what we are doing..)

BUT – We can say that, after viewing this program, you honestly feel that you haven’t gained an increase in confidence in yourself, in your business and in your networking, we will refund your money in full with no hard feelings.

The price for this 3 webinar series is just £47. A small price to pay – just skip a couple of breakfast meetings and use the time (and money) better.

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