What not to do with wordpress

wp What not to do with wordpressWhat not to do with wordpress (or how would you like to get more from what you already have).
One thing is for sure these days, there is no shortage of web building tools, resources and techniques (and gurus to tell you what to do with them!!). If you are a relatively new business, chances are that you have built your own web site (or someone has built it for you).

The content management system wordpress makes it dead easy to add pages, move pages around, add images, add posts and pretty much anything you want.

With all the gadgets, widgets, buttons and badges,if you are not careful, your site will look like an over trimmed christmas tree. At the risk of offending any vegetarians – Too much sizzle and not enough sausage.

But what about the basics?
As a web user – you know the basics, you know what you like and why.

But you are under pressure from your competitors, what they are doing, what the gurus say you should do and every other “friend” who drops by and tells you what they think.

Who to trust?
So, you can go on a webdesign course. But I am guessing that you don’t really want to get to know your DIV tags that intimately. Besides, wordpress does it all for you.

You can go on a copywriting course
But you aren’t a journalist and you don’t really want to be writing for other people.

You can go on a social media marketing course
Ah! Good old social media – sorry to say – but this isn’t the answer – it’s just a tool. (And besides, almost everyone who has a twitter, facebook and linkedin account and know how to link them together is calling themselves a social media expert these days, so you have no guarantee of quality).

So, what you need is a course that balances elements of webdesign, usability and commonsense – so we wrote such a course.

Why buy from us?

We have been developing our own sites since 2004 (yes folks, that makes us even older than facebook and google) and although you can find archive copies of our old sites – we would rather you wouldn’t – just suffice to say that we have worked out what works and what doesn’t.

We are NOT technical – we won’t blind you with code or jargon – we have just worked out what works and what doesn’t.

jps What not to do with wordpress

Jonathan Senior

The course is narrated by our Director, Jonathan Senior (author of “Confessions of an Interim Manager”)

What does the course include?

7 multimedia self paced learning slides (each with multiple sub slides) – NOT recycled powerpoint featuring

1. Trust no one – Including – Why you should literally “gag” your best mates when you are working on your site and why former US President Bill Clinton can help you design the perfect site.

2. Your key pages – Including – How using THIS pattern can allow you to design your site architecture in literally a 5 minute tea break.

3. Your contact page – Including – Two ways to use technology to almost guarantee that people WILL NOT ring you.

4. Long copy vs short copy – (Or how to tell people about your offer and NOT bore them senseless). Plus why you NEED to read trashy novels a LOT more in your spare time.

5. Avoid these like the plague – Do you really think we would tell you in public and give away your competitive advantage?

But suffice to say that here are SIX things that shout “I AM A NEWBIE AND I DID THIS SITE MYSELF” to to visitor.

6. Measure of success – FOUR ways to easily monitor how your site is doing (At least two of them are NOT obvious and commonly known).

7. Copywriting 101 – Including the case of the confused life coach and how to MAKE people click OFF YOUR SITE even faster than they do now.

These videos are all in short-bitesized chunks, stop/startable and replay key sections as often as you like.

what not to do with wordpress What not to do with wordpress

They run on almost any computer with the flash player installed. (Please note that due to the ongoing dispute between apple and adobe, they do not show on the ipad).

For a fixed sum – you have THIRTY DAYS UNLIMITED access to this training. Login and out as many times as you like, take notes (recommended).


If you promise to watch the training from start to finish, take notes and replay sections of key importance and you are unhappy FOR ANY REASON – Just take a ticket at our helpdesk (address provided on your welcome email) with brief details of what steps you have taken and we will CHEERFULLY refund 100% of your fee (PLUS ANY UK taxes) with no hard feelings. You have NOTHING to lose.

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